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About Us

We're just two guys (Oreste from New York, and Deon from Cape Town) trying to take over the world with our baked goodness!

We make the most delicious empanadas and pies daily, using only the freshest ingredients sourced from local purveyors.


We put our heart and soul into our cooking so you can experience clean, delicious, homemade food, just as we did growing up.

Empanadas and pies are our passion!

We started making them about a decade ago in Chicago, mostly for special occasions and celebrations and recently decided to open our first retail outlet, after living in South Africa for 5 years.

Nothing compares to the anticipation of the first bite into a freshly baked empanada or pie with an amazing butter crust and delicious filling. That's why our pastry is made in-house, having been perfected over a number of years of trial and error.


From our biggest supporters


Alice, New York

"The best pies ever! You have to try the apple and cranberry dessert pie. It was by far the most delicious we ever tasted." 


Kelly, Chicago

“I used these gentlemen a few years back to make pies for my wedding. To this day, my family and friends still talk about it.”


Fatima, Cape Town

“I genuinely did not expect these empanadas to be as good as they were. The fillings are absolutely incredible.”

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